Mydepictions in Website Design Gallery

I worked hard to build Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj web site from scratch. Its not perfect, the html is old-fashioned, and there will always be some tweaking/improvement that needs doing as I continue to develop the site. When I saw "If you're proud of a site you've built why not submit it to the gallery" on the about Web Design network, I thought, why not? I couldn't see any hand-built designs like mine in the design gallery. You can read some critism on the site in Design ideas don't have to be hard to find. If you are looking for layout and design ideas for websites, or just want to check out entry, why not visit the about webdesign design gallery. If you are interested in html, building your own web site or auction template, I have compiled a list of useful free web design resources on my web site.

Also see Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj Website Featured on Network on The Independent Artists Group Blog.

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