Award Winning Website

Mydepictions - Original Art by Naj website has won the Silver Surfer Friendly Award, which has just become a QIWA certified award program! You will see the award icon at the foot of the homepage, together with a link to other award winning web sites and an explanation of the award.

Coxsoft Silver Surfer Website Award Logo
It is nice to know all that hard work is appreciated! You can read about the award in Coxsoft Art News and also in my article on The IAG Blog.

There's been a couple of other minor updates to the web site. It was pointed out to me that the javascript pop-up window for Buy Affordable Art at Auction was being blocked by some pop-up blockers. I was unaware of this because my own adblocker was not blocking it. The words (Pop-up) have now been added to the Buy Affordable Art at Auction link at the top of the page to make users aware, and to make the site more user-friendly.

There's a couple of new great artist web sites on the arts and crafts links page, and a link to Google Analytics has been added to the free web design resources page (can't believe I'd left it out!)

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