Narrowboat Art - Canal Ware Folk Art Works

Here's a selection of some recent canal folk art commissions. A lot of people are familiar with my portrait and animal art, but did you know I am also a canal ware/barge ware artist? I occasionally dabble in "hand lettered" sign-writing (i.e. no stencils or vinyl!) and these decorated items combine the two.
All of these items are personalised with hand lettered initials or names, making them a unique present/item for narrow boat owners and canal art lovers alike. These pieces are decorated on all sides, as is the tradition with this British folk art, so what you see in the picture is really only half the story!

The designs/layouts are all my own - I am not working from a pattern book. I choose to work independently, and nowadays mostly paint items to order. I do keep a small selection of items ready for painting - I currently have milk churns, footstools, and metal flower vases.

You can find out more about this folk art and my canal ware on the Canal Folk Art page on Mydepictions website.

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