Brown Hare Easter Spring Art

Brown Hare on Verdé
Here's a square format acrylic painting on canvas of a brown hare I had on show in the Wayland Spring Art Exhibition

The painting is titled "Brown Hare on Verdé ", verdé being that beautiful greeny colour bronze may turn with age. It's a strange painting really, and I don't know if it works.

The verdé background was the result of experimenting to see if I could re-create verdé on canvas - that in itself worked quite well (so well I am tempted to produce some simple verdé decorative "abstract" canvases). The square format of the canvas encouraged me toward a "graphic design" approach to the work. I am interested in brown hares, not only because it is spring, but also because they have been linked to pagan fertility rites and the rebirth of spring. Old bronze and old rites, strange symbols - the swirly imprints I've applied, all sound like they could be good together. Perhaps the hare is too realistic looking, or the composition is poor, would like to hear what others think.

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