Vintage Narrowboat Style Canal Art Watering Can and Pan

Canal Art Watering Can

Here's a vinatge 1 and a half gallon watering can, a little battered, that I have decorated canal folk art style. I painted this freehand and let the design evolve as I was going along. There was an almost round dent on the top which I couldn't resist painting a red rose into. The watering can lost it's sprinkler attachment a long time ago, but can still be used as a watering can.

Canal Art Dipper

Similarly, here's a vintage frying pan "dipper" (for scooping out grain) I've painted narrowboat style to be hung as a wall decoration.

I've left the wooden handle unpainted and in it's original state. I would rather maintain the original character of these vintage items, as they tell a story of past use. I'm not sure if other's would agree, but I think they have some rustic charm and a kind of shabby-chic-ness.

You can see more pictures or even buy them at Depictions Etsy Store where I have experimentally put them up for sale!