Hi and welcome to my artist blog! Here I hope to share recent news about my art work and my artist website: www.mydepictions.co.uk, plus my ramblings about building a website. Lets get this straight: I am not a professional web master, or a techie, just an enthusiastic amateur web designer who has hand-built my own web site. Why? Because I found I enjoyed hand coding, I wanted full control over design, layout and modifying content, plus I wanted a challenge! There are many areas I lack knowledge in, or need to update, and, there is much to learn. In short, I am no webmaster, but rather, master of my own web site. I have learnt a lot of what I know from others on the web and, in turn, am happy to disseminate that knowledge.

The eye picture in my profile is in fact a self portrait! I use it as a favicon for my web site, here on my blog, and in other profiles. As an artist, I mostly produce portraits and other custom art commissions. I am able to turn my hand to many different styles and techniques, which most likely has been a hinderance, rather than a help! (Highly sucessful artists seem to have specialised in, or evolved a single style or technique.) I offer promotional samples of small format art work for auction under the ebay user ID mydepictions. If you want to find out more about my artistic interests and background check out about the artist Naj.

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