And We Have Youtube Sound!

At last the audio swap facility is working on YouTube! Okay it is in test stages and beta, so some technical hitches may be expected. Other users I know had reported problems with either the sound in audio swap not working, when it had on previous occasions (so not an obvious browser problem); or just failing to add a soundtrack altogether. I tried about six times, and cleared the cache & cookies, only to get "audio swap failed". At last it has worked!

I recently updated the popular post Make a Slide Show Video of your Art for YouTube! You can now see an improved version of ACEOs by Naj, plus soundtrack, see "option 1". You can still see the original video ACEOs by Naj with a (different) soundtrack too! Just see "option 2".

Adding music to your already uploaded YouTube video (silent or not) should be straight forward. We shall have to see if this functionality continues, but if you would like to try, assuming you have already uploaded an Internet video to YouTube, all you need to do is make sure you are signed into YouTube then click My Account in the top right hand corner. Next select My Uploaded Videos from the Videos (Uploads, Favorites & Playlists) panel and simply click the replace audio button on the right-hand side of the corresponding video. You will then be taken to a list of music by different artists provided by YouTube: select the genre, artist and then track. Listen away, maybe try something else...its amazing the effect different tracks and genres can have on the same video! The downside is that you can't fade the music, so it needs to be chosen to fit sound-wise, i.e no sudden cuts. Once happy with your music track you just click the Publish Video button under the preview. It is worth remembering, once selected for publishing, a new track will permanently replace an old track. I can see this could be great promotion for up and coming musicians/artists if YouTube could get it functioning reliably!

For further reading see YouTube help center article How do I change the audio track in my video?

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