Tips for Checking Where Your Website Ranks

Here's a nifty, quick way to find out where your website appears in the SERPs (search engine results pages) of Google. Search engine visibility is important if you want your website to be found, and Google is the most popular search engine.

There are programs available that make automated queries and they usually require a piece of code known as a Google API key. Google discourages automated queries, plus there's a limit to the no. of automated queries that can be performed in a given period. I have also heard that some of these automated searches may not be that accurate. So, the Google simple interface search provides an alternative way to see your websites position in the search results pages for a particular search term. This is because it only lists the titles of the webpages returned, making it easy to spot what position your site is for a particular search term. For the purpose of demonstrating lets see where my website ranks for the search term Naj - Naj is not the most important search term for my website which is centred around art, but I would like my site to be found if someone searched using this term!

On Google UK my site is at no. 6: Naj search results on

And on pages from my site are at no. 16 and 17..Naj search results on

One thing to remember is that the Internet is ever-changing, so results pages are also. I've included searches from Google UK and to show how the different data centres used impact the results. Simple Interface Search Simple Interface Search


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