Pug and Peacock ACEO on Youtube

Here's a short slide-show movie I've posted on Youtube. It shows an ACEO work in progress (WIP). The ACEO is a caricature, whimsical portrayal of "Jordan Vs the Peacock" (if you watch this, you'll see where I'm coming from). That was posted in response to this fun Pet Video Contest, set up by fellow eBay artist "Debcoart".

As this was small format artwork, I opted for scanning the image at various stages - this meant a frustrating wait for paint to dry. Its much more convenient to photograph a WIP. Unfortunately, my digi camera is not good enough to take clear pictures of something this small!

Contests are one way of encouraging viewers and subscribers to your Youtube movies, a quick browse around Youtube and you'll see it's quite a widely practised tactic. Why not have a go at making your own slide show movie.

Update: My artwork was chosen as winner of this contest!

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