British Bulldog Flies the Flag?

No, this isn't an apathetic response to Prime Minister Gordon Brown's request to fly the flag. Nor is it a laid-back response to the Sun newspaper's current Proud to Fly the Flag campaign! By sheer coincidence in timing, the Animal Loving Artists group's July theme is "Dogs and Their Country's Flag". I'm not generally very inspired by flags, but I was up for the challenge. Maybe there was some influence in the fly the flag news story....I decided upon the obvious subject choice for a Brit.

I felt more inclined to portray a British Bulldog lounging on a flag, rather than the cliched portrayal of one standing proud on the Union Jack. I'm not quite sure if this was a subconscious decision. Perhaps it was a very British decision, for in the UK there are strong patriotic connotations associated with that image and, sadly, many people in the UK feel there is some kind of stigma attached to displaying the Union Jack. Here, our flag and patriotic images seem to have become associated with extremest political groups.

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