Right Brained Spacial Interpersonal Thinker

I'm apparently right brained, and also a spacial and interpersonal thinker..well, that's if the tests are to be believed. And, no real surprises there for someone who is an artist and blogs.

If you've not heard of right brain/left brain theory before, there's an interesting article explaining the relevance of right brain/left brain theory to artists on about.com:painting. For a more general test there's also Are You Right of Left brained?

Madonna and Child (after Da Vinci) by NajFollowing on from the right-brain left-brain tests, there's the BBC Science & Nature What Kind of Thinker are You? test, which looks at different thinking styles in relation to the genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

These tests are just for fun and highlight people's differences, not how good someone is at something. So, not to be taken too seriously. However, being aware of your natural inclinations and style(s) of thinking, could help you to find new ways to approach/think about your artwork, so they can be useful.

(In my case, perhaps I need to be trying out more sculpture!)

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