Tinkering at the Edges

I've recently carried out some minor updates to the static website: www.mydepictions.co.uk. Probably the most noticeable change, is to the Mydepictions homepage. I have removed the AdSense blocks. Less noticeable, are the links to this blog, which I have been integrating throughout the static site. Really, I've been tinkering at the edges. I will be carrying out some major changes and improvements at some point (when I get a chance to put down the paint-brushes!).

I got fed up with filtering sites on AdSense in direct competition with mine. The ad blocks on the homepage page weren't performing in any case. Another reason for removing them was that they could be confused with the left-hand navigation panel - just read this comment from Jennifer Kyrnin. My main aim with AdSense has been to cover the cost of hosting my website, over a 12 month period. I haven't tried too hard, and so far, so good. (If I like someone's site I visit and they have ads, I usually visit a few sites of interest ;)!)

The Artist and Crafts Links page is regularly updated - so do check back there for some great artist & crafter sites. (I could do with some more links there, so if you have an artist or craft site and would like to exchange links, you can contact me via the link at the top of the sidebar.) The way the links are presented on that page, means that it gets pulled in Google search results. One reason being there are written descriptions accompanying the links. (i.e. There is some written copy for the search engines to spider.) This is such a simple step to take, and can benefit your site by increasing its visibility in search engine results pages, and bringing in more visitors. (For some further info on writing links also see my post Anchor Text & Why it's Important).

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