Animal Loving Artists on Youtube

EBay group Animal Loving Artists, of which I'm a member, now have a slide-show movie on Youtube! (See below) I was recently delighted to be given the opportunity to produce the movie showcasing some fifteen members work. The movie was put together using Windows Movie Maker, and the soundtrack added using Youtube's audio swap facility, proving you don't need sophisticated video editing software or video recording equipment to produce a movie for Youtube! If you would like to have a go yourself, visit my Make a Slide Show Movie tutorial to get you started. For adding audio on Youtube, check out my And we Have Youtube Sound post.

One challenge I faced making this movie was that the artwork participating members submitted for the movie was of widely varying dimensions. So when I put the raw images together in a movie, I was presented with varying and untidy looking amounts of blank black space. (This is what you will get in Movie Maker when images are not of the right dimensions for full screen). I was pleased to find a workaround for howto eliminate black spaces around images in Movie Maker. Meanwhile, please enjoy some awesome art from this highly talented group of animal artists. Click the arrow to play here, double click to play the video on the Youtube site, where you can rate and comment.

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