How to Get Full Screen Images in Windows Movie Maker

If you are making a slide show movie of your art for youtube or other video hosting site, you want your movie and art to look its best. Ever wondered why you have black space around images in a windows movie maker slide show? If you read the Animal Loving Artists on youtube post, you'll see I faced a challenge in dealing with varying, untidy amounts of black space. Some images are obviously the wrong dimensions to fill a full-screen, and I'll be dealing with those later in a separate post.

What about images that appear the right dimensions, but don't quite fit full screen? You are either left with black lines at the sides, or at top and bottom, or surrounding the image when its imported into your movie maker collections. Look at the three images below and you'll see what I mean. This post outlines one method for cropping an image to get it full-screen dimensions for use in movie maker. (See the links at the end of this post for more on making a slide show movie with movie maker.)

Black space surrounding the image
Black space at the top and bottom of the image
Black space at the sides of the image

How to Get a full-screen Image

This applies to images that are almost the right dimensions but don't quite fit. You can crop your image so it fits full-screen. The bottom line here is that to be full-screen, an image must have an aspect ratio of 4:3. If you are not graphically/technically trained or mathematical minded, this may seem a little daunting. The easiest solution is to use image editing software that will do it all for you. Fastone Image Viewer is one such program - its an open source project, so its free to download and use non-commercially, and there's no spyware/adware. You can download it at

To crop an image to 4:3 ratio using Fastone Image Viewer

Open Fastone. Open the directory your image is located in, by double-clicking on it in the left-hand directory view panel.

You will see your images in that directory tiled in the main right-hand panel. Select your image for editing by clicking on it, so it is highlighted and also appears in the preview box.

Next select the crop tool (circled below) from the menu bar by clicking on it. Then in the Crop Board window, select a ratio to 4:3 from the paper ratio drop down menu (circled below), and select crop. Select crop to file, to save your cropped image and follow the prompts, or you could select crop to clipboard and paste your image into another program once you have opened it.

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